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Moving an office

Business customers constitute a group with very definite needs. Your office should be moved quickly, at an affordable price and without unduly disrupting company operations. We understand each of these elements and we will adjust our offer to your requirements.
  1. The initial meeting

    First of all, you must know that we will never charge you for the initial meeting. This is one of the most important stages of each move, which will protect you from unpleasant consequences. Years of experience allow us to recognize on the spot what measures will be needed to carry out the whole process in a safe manner – from the method of packing to the organization of transport and parking of vehicles used during the move.

    Such a meeting is an absolute necessity, especially in the case of offices. The lack of a precisely planned process and all necessary examinations may lead to unduly disruptions of company operations, and thus to financial losses.

    After the first meeting, you will receive a full valuation of the service and its preliminary plan completely free of charge. The meeting allows us to adjust the price conditions to the specific order, which in turn requires us to prepare a valuation providing all possible surprises that could happen if we had accepted your order without prior inspection. This saves your time and money, and allows us to carry out your move in a safe and professional manner.

  2. Packing

    Although we are able to carry out this process for you, most of our customers prefer to pack small elements themselves in order to minimize costs, and in the meantime make an inventory of the assets.

    Our employees have signed a special confidentiality agreement, but you must take into account that fact that all your documents should be packed in cardboard boxes by your employees to keep your business safe. The trade secret is very important to us, and we pay special attention to this aspect at every stage of the whole process.

    Regardless of the chosen option (with or without packaging), we will provide you with the necessary boxes, bubble wrap and adhesive tapes. We will also tell you how to effectively protect the packaged items, and how to avoid simple mistakes.

    Even if you choose to pack your own things, we will still carefully check whether everything is packed safely before moving and, if necessary, we will make the necessary corrections.

    If necessary, we provide a special tape which allows to clearly state whether cardboard boxes were opened along the way, which also protects all your documents.

  3. Surroundings

    There is nothing more troublesome than a crowded parking on the day of the move – the lack of any possibility to park at the property creates additional delays and negatively affects the risk of the whole operation.

    We will take care of all formalities associated with the reservation of a parking space and other formalities necessary for the performance of the service no later than five days prior to the date of the move. Two days prior to that we set “no parking” signs in order to fully secure access to the property. We deal with any unexpected problems associated with transport and parking – regardless of the situation, additional actions never result in an increase in the price.

  4. How the move begins.

    We start at 8:00 in the morning (unless we agreed otherwise) in order to take full advantage of the day. You can also arrange your move outside office working hours.

    We begin our work by checking the already packed items and making necessary adjustments if the situation requires it. Then, we secure the places that are potentially vulnerable to damage – such as pillars, narrow passages and frames.

    We organize all the elements so as not to interfere with the move in the proper order, thereby minimizing the risk of damage. We pay special attention to the initial stage because our experience has taught us that it is a crucial stage for the final success.

  5. Complete elements policy

    Although a lot of moving companies decide to disassemble furniture in order to facilitate their transport, we apply a policy of limiting the disassembly to the absolutely necessary items whose transport is not fully possible.

    You might think that the disassembly of furniture helps to secure their transport – in fact, it negatively affects their life and causes incomparably more damages and problems than the transport with no disassembly.

    The disassembly of furniture has a negative impact on both the price of the service and its quality, therefore it is an element to which you should pay special attention. It is not always what is more convenient for the moving company that is good for you.

    Of course, sometimes the transport of a particular piece of furniture as a whole is not possible – in that case we disassemble that piece, meticulously marking each element and each attachment, so that we could assemble all elements back in their place. Remember that even the confusion of two seemingly identical screws can cause damage to the whole element.

  6. Moving elements

    Contrary to appearances, this is not the hardest part of the move but it definitely requires considerable experience. In this process, you should not only care about the safety of all elements to be moved but also the rooms, from which these elements are being moved as well as all the common parts of the building, including elevators.

    The incorrect performance of this stage can result in a series of minor physical losses that add up to a measurable financial loss.

    To protect you from unpleasant complications of moving, we use special features that secure all elements to be moved and we additionally secure spaces in which these elements are located. If necessary, we use special equipment such as advanced belts for moving large furniture.

  7. In the car

    The actual transport of office equipment from place to place is the most dangerous part of the operation, which is virtually impossible without the proper tools and years of experience. In this stage there is no place for the lack of professionalism.

    The elements in the carrier vehicle are precisely mounted and separated from each other so that their relative movement while driving does not cause any damage. The correct load distribution of furniture and a specially trained driver gives us the ability to safely transport your possessions.

  8. Final destination.

    At this stage, we are already a bit tired and we enhance our vigilance to continue the performance of this stage smoothly and without any damage.

    Just as in the case of the startup location, we prepare the place in advance to secure the driveway.

    We proceed to secure the transport route inside the building and begin to unload the car.

    The unpacked elements will be set at the new place in accordance with your guidance. We can also unpack and sort out all the things from cardboard boxes with the exception of boxes containing your documents – for your safety, our employees should not come into direct contact with any information which may be confidential.

  9. End of the day

    We make every effort to close the entire project in one working day, so that you could quickly forget about the stress and pursue your business. However, we'll finish our work when there is nothing more to do – we never leave the workplace if there is still something that we can help you with.

If necessary, we provide the database of proven and friendly companies, which will help you in the general construction works or even cleaning.

If you hire us you will get professional and comprehensive care throughout the process of moving, and also later – you never know what else we could do for you.