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Transport of vehicles

Transport of vehicles belongs to a group of specialized transport. Our company is not able to fully execute such an order.

If you want to transport your car from place to place we have car transporters and specialized trailers intended for such transport.

A very common situation is that the owners of classic cars choose not to travel long distances – such a trip can be very expensive and dangerous for a valuable vehicle. In this case, we would recommend to use a professional transport.

A similar situation occurs in the case of temporarily faulty or off highway vehicles – instead of performing a speedy repair and incur additional costs you may choose to transport your car and conduct the rest of the necessary works in the final destination.

A professional and experienced driver, with an adequate permissions to perform transport of vehicles, is very important in the case of this type of transport. Your car will be perfectly safe in our hands, because nothing is left to chance and we are always professionally prepared for every order.

If you choose our offer you will be able to sleep peacefully while your car is safely transported.